Up until Monday, there was no real guidance on how Wisconsin would emerge from the COVID-19 “Safer at Home” order. So, Fond du Lac County District Attorney, Eric Toney, started reaching out to entities in the county to create a task force focused on helping the county re-emerge.

According to Toney, “As we all start to get our feet on the ground we can’t be reactionary, we have to be proactive and look at what life will look like moving forward.”

With representatives from the health department, business, public safety, and government, the task force will work to create a plan to safely reopen Fond du Lac County – when it’s appropriate.

“I think every county has an opportunity and we want to take this opportunity in Fond du Lac County to figure out what works for us in our county. We know we how much PPE we have, we know where the hospitals sit, we know where we’re at with testing and we know the numbers that are coming in daily,” adds county health officer Kim Mueller.

All of that information can help the county task force come up with its own step by step plan to safely begin to reopening things that have been closed, everything from retail and restaurants to manufacturing and Main Street. And, by having plans in place, the idea is for the transition to run more smoothly as the Fond du Lac County community gets used to its new normal — whatever that may be.

“This task force is in place so that our businesses and our community and county is ready for whatever that date is. Whether it is May 26th or if it’s determined to change to be before that then we’re going to be ready whenever that date is,” says Sadie Parafiniuk from Envision Greater Fond du Lac.

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