September 20, 2022

Attorney General Candidate Eric Toney Slams Josh Kaul for his silence on the Early Release of Violent Murderers and Child Rapists by the Evers/Barnes Administration 

Toney also announced the Kenosha Professional Police Association’s support of his campaign.

KENOSHA, Wis. – Earlier this afternoon, law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General Eric Toney, slammed Josh Kaul for his silence on the early release of violent murderers and child rapists by the Evers/Barnes administration.

Toney released the following statement:

“I don’t know what’s more shameful – that Tony Evers has failed Wisconsin and crime victims by putting heinous criminals back on our streets or that Josh Kaul has stood by silently as this occurs. This is a recurring theme with Kaul: silence in times of need. The Evers/Barnes Parole Commission has released some of the most brutal murderers and child rapists in Wisconsin’s history, proving that victims of crime are not a priority for them. We cannot afford another four years of this intentional disregard for public safety.”

Additionally, today, the Kenosha Professional Police Association announced that they have endorsed Toney’s candidacy for Attorney General.

Toney added:

“I’m grateful for the support of the Kenosha Police Association. We must hold Josh Kaul accountable for fanning the flames of violence as he played politics with public safety and Kenosha burned. As Attorney General, I will enforce the rule of law and stand with our law enforcement.”

Toney was joined today by Pete Deates and Jason Melichar of the Kenosha Professional Police Association. The press conference can be viewed here.

District Attorney Eric Toney is endorsed by over 100 Sheriffs, District Attorneys, and Police Chiefs, and has been unanimously endorsed by the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge, the Milwaukee Police Association, the Racine Police Association, and the Milwaukee Police Supervisors Organization.

For questions: courtney@erictoney.com