I’m running for Attorney General to restore the Department of Justice’s mission to fight crime, support law enforcement, protect families, and enforce the rule of law. 

Wisconsin’s current attorney general has been a disappointment. He has failed to support law enforcement, politicized the Department of Justice, failed to defend our election laws, has rejected the title of Wisconsin’s “Top Cop” and has begun to systematically defund the Department of Justice’s ability to prosecute cases in Wisconsin.

I grew up in a family dedicated to protecting and serving the community. I am the proud son of a frontline law enforcement officer and I watched my dad serve with distinction for more than 30 years in law enforcement, the majority of it with the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office. I know the feeling many law enforcement families have of not knowing if their loved ones will return home at the end of their shift and I am fortunate that my dad returned home safely after every shift. As District Attorney, I’ve had to participate in officer involved death investigations and have sat with the family of a fallen officer, thinking that could be me on the other end of the table having a district attorney explain to me how my dad died. I proudly Back the Badge.