District Attorney Eric Toney is already endorsed by over 1/2 of Wisconsin Sheriffs, over 1/3 of all District Attorneys, and has been unanimously endorsed by the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge.


“Eric Toney has distinguished himself as a tough prosecutor dedicated to the safety of our
communities. He has an exemplary track record of working with police to enforce and uphold the laws of the State of Wisconsin. Eric’s personal and professional achievements demonstrate a genuine support for law enforcement officers, as well as a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding modern policing. His track record proves he is the best candidate for Attorney General – Wisconsin’s to law enforcement official.” 

– Ryan Windorf, President of Wisconsin State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police

“As Fond du Lac District Attorney, Eric Toney has proven himself to be a tough but fair
prosecutor.  He’s stood with law enforcement by working to keep violent criminals behind bars, encouraging programs to curb offenders from repeating, and ensuring deputies and officers have the legal knowledge they need to make sound decisions on the street when lives are on the line.  Please join me in endorsing Eric Toney for Wisconsin Attorney General.”

– Ryan Waldschmidt, Fond du Lac County Sheriff




Police Chiefs

District Attorneys                                                                


            State and Local Officials


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